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I am an artist based in Northumberland. My unusual home is in rural north Northumberland, only a couple of miles from the famous Alnwick castle and the Alnwick garden and the wonderful Northumbrian coast.
I live in the peaceful setting of an ancient pele tower next to a church in the village of Shilbottle. The landscape with all its seasonal variations is a constant inspiration. I particularly like wild, off the beaten track landscapes.
My paintings have been described as atmospheric and evocative. I do landscape paintings, snow scenes, paintings of sea, colourful flowers, striking abstract paintings and not least Venice - a particular favourite.
I am perpetually inspired by the Northumbrian landscape, both land and coast and Venice is somewhere I long to be!!
In my watercolours I try to capture the mood and essence of place rather than photographic reproduction.  My seascapes try to emulate the power of the sea, but also all its moods - calm, storm etc.
                                               working on a water colour painting                      two paintings sold to one client
The artists from the past who inspire me and have influenced my work are:
Max Ernst  with the hallucinatory quality of his frottage technique; the serene melancholy of Casper David Friedrich's landscapes' Turner's magical atmospheric effects of light; the mysterious quality of Atkinson Grimshaw's night-scapes; Wassily Kandinsky and Mark Rothko with their emotional and spiritual value of colour and lastly, but not least Jackson Pollock with his pourings and drippings, wholse spontaneity I admire.
I achieved a history of modern art honours degree in 2000 as a mature student and immediately after this I took a post graduate diploma in Arts and Cultural Management in 2001 followed by an adult education certificate.
Studying the history of modern art particularly inspired me to return to painting, making it an important part of my life. I had originally studied painting at Newcastle College of Art many years ago! I now make a living from my painting, (watercolours and oils).
A grant from Northern Arts enabled me to convert an outbuilding - a Victorian wash house in the garden into an artist's studio where I have the space to create my oils, acrylics and larger watercolours. This was also where I taught  watercolour painting workshops to adults.  These were one to ones and groups of 3 - 7. I am now concentrating wholly on my own art and sadly no longer teach.


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